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Custom made concrete dining room table

Looking to completely change the look of your home or business with the addition of concrete?

Right on the Georgia / South Carolina line, Redefined Concrete offers top quality concrete coffee tables, dining tables, sink tops, and more. We are redefining people’s perception of concrete! When some people hear “concrete furniture,” they often think it’s going to be bulky, ugly stuff and the inside of a parking garage may come to mind! We may be a bit biased but we build and treat our products like they are pieces of art! Concrete can add a refined and stylish look to interior spaces that cannot be achieved through traditional furniture pieces! We work with clients across the United States in both the residential and commercial markets. For information about our green building process… Click Here

Concrete Coffee Table Farmhouse Style

Concrete Dining Tables and Coffee Tables

These modern tables are created here in the US. Enhance the looks of your home or office space and check out our unique tables. We offer many different styles, colors, and sizes! Custom orders are welcome and encouraged so if you can’t find that perfect table…. let us make it! We’ve worked with countless customers to make sure their purchases are perfect!

Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops With Integrated Sinks

We offer a large selection of custom choices for each sink purchase from ramp, trough, and round styles… Custom modern slot drains or the more conventional round drain. In addition to those options we also have tons of sizes to pick from. If there is something specific you’re searching but cannot find it in our product section let us know and we’ll make it happen! Custom sizes are also available ranging all the way to 8 Ft for commercial applications.

Custom concrete vanity top with integrated sink
Custom made to order concrete top 2" thick
Custom Size Concrete Table Tops

We understand how important the dimensions of each table are for the aesthetics of your home. While we may not have a listing for the particular size you are looking for we can always accommodate your needs! Our team offers custom size table tops for nearly every size and if you can’t find it on our website, please contact us!

Our process for building custom concrete furniture
We have perfected our build process by testing multiple strategies for strength and durability. We first begin with the mold which is made from silicone or epoxy coated wood. The mold with be coated with a release agent and then we’ll begin by adding our unique 6 part blend of Portland cement and other products that make up to create the face coat. Part of that mix is admixtures made from mineral oxides which are approximately 60% recycled materials. Once the mix is poured it will be worked around the entire mold surface. After the mix has begun to set we’ll then put on the backer layer made from the same material with the addition of alkaline resistant glass fibers. There are many benefits to using GFRC as opposed to standard concrete. It’s lighter, stronger, and cures much faster than regular concrete, and has far less waste. Now it’s time to cover the mold and let it cure! After it cures for several days we can finally seal it with an acrylic sealer. For our mixing ratios and even more details on GFRC concrete check out this post… Click Here